Current Obsession: Leatherette sleeves

by fionakay

1. Forever21 Trench Coat w/Aldo fur scarf, 2. Forever21 Blazer, 3. Old Navy Jacket (old),  I just cut off the sleeves and made the Jacket into a Vest, 4. Urban Outfitters Denim/leather Jacket (old)

I’ve been obsessed with leather accents this winter more than ever. I’ve stayed away from leather when I lost my favorite leather bomber jacket from urban outfitters at a fashion show that I was apart of, where I supplied rocawear clothing (I used to be an intern for rocawear). After the show I was in a rush to leave that I left my jacket behind and it hasn’t been the same for me and my leather love. But, It’s a different love affair now, I cannot get enough of it.